I’m Back, But….

2012-12-18 18.18.27IMPORTANT: Due to my major wordpress hack and DDOS attack, this site was wiped out and has been offline for 6 months. We lost all the content, so it will take a few months to re-create the curated and aggregated information. I will recreate my original content if and when time permits. I had no clue a personal blog designed to hold me accountable to "myself", had such an impact. To you, all of my "accountability" partners, thank you and Stay tuned.

<< Getting my Bruce LeeRoy on! New health & fitness goals & 40 day challenge Let's do this! 

Update:Visit my latest project & trading activity at www.realmoneyinvestors.com

As a reminder : This a private site  ain’t for everybody! If  you get offended – please leave.

This whole “personal & spiritual development” thing isn’t easy. It means having the personal power to take 100% responsibility for where you are; and doing whatever it takes to get where you want to be. This means stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and summoning the courage to take a look at the parts of yourself and areas of life that you may not want to see. (I believe we all have those parts) It can be a little tough to take an objective look at your career, your relationships, your finances, your bliss and most importantly – your spirit.

The cool part is that if we’re not happy with what our choices have created up to now; we can always choose again, and recreate the life we want and deserve. And then play with new practical ideas and behaviors to help us create the life we truly desire.