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UK’s Oldest Person To Win Age Discrimination Case

A hospital secretary has become the oldest person to win an age discrimination case at the age of 88. FACTS Eileen was employed by Royal Berkshire NHS Trust for over 25 years. She was dismissed in January 2017 after she was accused of failing to upload records onto a computer system, which led to patients

Brexit Extension Trick Or Treaty

The UK and the EU have agreed a “flexible extension” of Brexit until 31 October. But will this Halloween exit date mean further nightmares for employers? A consequence of the delay will be how this impacts in terms of causing delays to the government’s plans for employment legislation and inevitably leaves questions hanging over workers’ rights

Employment Law Updates – From 2020

New legislation that will come into force on 6 April 2020 will require employers to provide the written statement of employment particulars re their contract from day one of employment. As a result an employer must now provide a proper written statement of terms to the new employee either before or immediately on starting. Best practice