DLP Hands-On

Are you a HR manager or a smaller company that can’t justify the cost of HR provision but still needs to maintain legal &HR compliance? No matter the size of a company, all want to be kept safe, legal & protected.

We Keep You Safe, Legal & Protected

DLP Hands On HR is our most comprehensive service where we can manage staff situations, which removes you from the conflict and ensures that you and company get’s it “legally right” every time. DLP Hands-On HR removes the stress and pressure of dealing with terminations and other processes.

Your Onsite HR Manager or Partner

Your  Hands-on DLP Advisor manages HR meetings, hearings, interviews, consultations, strategy, telephone advice, letter writing, contracts of employment, bespoke policy documents and, if desired, can report to your board. Hands On HR is available with insurance and DLP HR software solution (self-service). We customize to your unique company needs.

Why Businesses choose DLP Hands On HR?

  • Employees often respond more positively to an unbiased outside HR professional.
  • A HR specialist managing hearings results in fewer hearings, tribunals and delays.
  • HR issues are resolved quicker more efficiently and legally by a qualified and experienced advisor
  • Our expertise means we use law as a tool rather than a roadblock.

DLP Hands On HR professionals have the skills and experience to manage your HR and Employment Law needs – and they have the entire DLP Team to back them (and you) up! Finding an objective panel for investigations, hearings or appeals need never be an issue again.

Contact the DLP Hands On HR Team today for a complimentary one-on-one consultation.