Occupational Health Assessments

​Occupational Health Assessments

Occupational Health assessments are more necessary and important to HR work than ever before. However, using the correctly qualified professionals and asking the right questions can be the difference between helping your organisation to move forward or causing problems you are never able to address. If you need help or assistance in managing any employee issues you can call us now at on 0330 400 4454
Occupational Health Reports are also useful for preventing long term sickness, for assisting an employee back to work, for identifying or supporting work related stress, for the final stages of a capability process prior to termination or can protect an employer from potential claims. They also really help employees, too. It’s a confidential place they can discuss issues and ask what support can be offered.

Assessments are used more than ever in day-to-day HR for many reasons they are also now simple to carry out. DLP recommend telephone assessments which are less intrusive (and costly). A typical assessment takes approximately 30 mins and we can arrange an assessment usually within 48 hours.

If you need advice managing an employee experiencing a physical or mental health difficulties, we can assess their Fitness to Work and determine if any changes need to be made to assist them in the workplace.

What to expect from an occupational health assessment:

The initial assessment is usually a telephone consultation between the employee and one of our qualified and independent Occupational Health advisors.
Our advisor will obtain what’s necessary and prepare a report for the employer. The report will inform you if there is an underlying health issue, employee’s fitness to work and make recommendations such as adjustments to the workplace.

Our occupational health advisors will work with your employee to ensure that they understand the occupational health process and their responsibilities within it.

Return to work

Employees returning from a period of illness may need a phased return to work with reasonable adjustments to the workplace. 

We can provide expert input into that process to maximise the chances of a successful return. Sometimes both parties will decide that a return may not be possible or advisable, and in these cases we can help move the case forward safely to avoid discrimination.

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